Flora-Clay County ESDA

About Us

Flora Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA)  was organized in 1957.   During that time it was commonly referred to as Civil Defense.   It serves 5 main functions for the community.

The first is to take responsibility to coordinate with Clay County ESDA and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency as well as all local agencies, in the event of a natural or technological disaster occurring within the City of Flora, causing a state of emergency to be declared by the mayor.  

The second function is to provide a well-trained Reserve Police force, under the direction of the City Chief of Police, to assist Flora's regular police force in times of emergency as well as other events. 

The third function is to provide rescue services to the citizens of Flora through a unit of highly trained members who are equipped with modern rescue equipment such as "The Jaws of Life".  This unit is ready to respond 24 hours a day, and also provides free rescue service throughout the county.  Flora Emergency Services is also called on to conduct ground searches.

The fourth function is to provide trained weather spotters to go out and monitor the weather and give updates to the Emergency Operation Center's Communications Department, for relay to all local agencies as well as the National Weather Service in Lincoln.

The fifth function is to provide medical First Responders to aid the Clay County Hospital's Ambulance department when needed. Each member is equipped with their own medical kit to keep with them, as well as having a fully equipped First Responder vehicle.


The Emergency Operation Center is located at 744 East North Avenue.  

Contact Info

Flora-Clay County ESDA

744 East North Avenue, Flora, Illinois 62839, United States

Office - (618) 662-8211 (Not a 24 Hr Contact Number) Emergency Dial - 911